Friday, May 14, 2010

Recipe Day

Today's challenge at 365 Cards is a card recipe. Make a card using only the following items:

- 4.25x5.5 standards size card
- 2 patterned papers
- stripes
- 1 piece of ribbon
- stamped image
- stamped sentiment

Ok I have to admit that when I read the challenge this morning I thought it would be easy to pull off but when I actually sat down to do it I found it rather difficult. As I read the instructions I wasn't sure that I could add additional paper for the stamped image and sentiment so I went bare bones and kept to the directions exactly. The stamped image and sentiment were stamped on a light brown paper with dots. The other patterned paper is obviously stripes which counts as the stripes as well. Next is the ribbon to end it. In the end I'm not thrilled with it because it seems like it's really missing some pizzaz. Hopefully tomorrow will find me a bit more inspired.


  1. Cute card, love your blog layout!

  2. It is really cute. Love that adorable owl and clean lines!

  3. Thanks for the blog layout website Margie! I loved so many I had a hard time choosing!! I'm sure I'll be changing it up every couple of months.


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