Thursday, September 10, 2009

Christmas Cards Galore

I love to make Christmas cards! This year I've assembled a group of 30 cards each one being different. All have the same general design but with different stamps and mixture of paper. These went together very quickly and were lots of fun.

Take time out of your busy schedule to join me for an afternoon of card making. November 8 from 11-4 you can make these cards, enjoy some great company, have an afternoon out and get lunch too! All card materials are precut to make assembly quick and easy for you!

Cards are $20 for 30 cards. If you want to make more than one set of 30 just let me know. If you want a printed greeting inside I am offering that as well. You let me know what you want and I'll have them all ready for when you get here! To cover printing costs it will be $3 per set of 30 for the greeting addition.

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