Saturday, March 6, 2010

365 Card Challenge

I've decided to take on the 365 Card Challenge thanks to my friend Michelle Nist. This challenge features a different type of card each day. Sometimes it's a featured pattern, specific colors to use, special technique, etc. Today's challenge is to stamp a solid stamp image with multiple colors WITHOUT stamping the image between the colors.
For the challenge today I used the Tissue Inking Technique. To achieve this stamp the entire image in the lightest color ink you are planning to use. Next taking a tissue ball up a bit of it and ink it up. Using the inked tissue transfer that color to the already inked stamp. This will remove some of the lightest color in and replace it with the tissue color. Repeat with the desired number of colors. To remoisten the ink on the stamp be sure to "huff" on it before stamping with it. I love this technique and find that I use it frequently. Give it a try on your next project.

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