Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Calling Orange-Purple-Blue

Today's 365 challenge is using the colors orange, purple and blue to make any card you like. It's always interesting to me what different shades people pick. I was a my friend Michelle's and we were each creating and she chose a deep orange, smokey plum and a twlight blue. I on the other hand grabbed for the brightest shade of each I could find. I really wanted to create a small card that I can use to send a small message in my sons lunch box. It's fun and easy to surprise him with a bit of love. He loves the surprise and keeps all the cards he finds.

My small card today is only 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" so it's perfect for a lunch box. It uses the Gear Up stamp set from Close To My Heart. It's a pocket card I found in the Wishes How To book and it's so fun and different.


  1. Love this and I am sure your son will also!

  2. How sweet - I use to put notes in my kids lunch boxes. Great job - love what you did with this challenge!

  3. I'll bet he loved it! :) Wish we could make all our cards together.

  4. How cute is this? Very!! Great job!


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