Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 35 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Happy Easter Everyone! We had a fun morning of finding the Easter Bucket (no baskets in this house) and pigging out on candy. Guess I'll need to do some extra exercise this week!

Today's challenge is another sketch challenge. These are probably my favorite challenges because I can create from a pattern which if fun and fast. I always start by picking out the stamp set I want to use and then pick the paper. I know this is backward from what some people do but it works for me. I made this card to send with my son whose going on a trip with his cousins and grandparents for break this week. The kids get notes from home each day so I'm making cards to put the notes in.


  1. How perfect for the occassion! Hope your son has fun!!!!

  2. It's so fun and cute, love the stamps! Perfect for the occasion!


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